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What shall I do before receiving my treatment? Please ensure you read this before booking Click to view form 

View the medical health form that we will run through during your appointment here 

What is permanent makeup (PMU)?

Permanent makeup, also known as micro-pigmentation is a form of cosmetic tattooing. A digital machine implants pigment into the dermal layer of the skin with a fine needle. The healed result gives a pixel shaded effect, rather than hair strokes. 

What is saline tattoo lightening? View the FAQs here 

The saline solution is a high salt based, fruit seed extract product that can lighten a tattoo or permanent makeup procedure to the point it is no longer visible. It is implanted in the skin using a needle. The solution works to draw the ink or pigment to the surface of the skin and disperse in this area. (*multiple sessions may be required) 

What is included in the treatment?

A consultation can be conducted either before or at the time of your treatment. A top up appointment is included in the price and can take place 6 - 12 weeks after your initial treatment. This is to reinforce any areas where the pigment hasn't taken as well as others. 

Once you have had your initial treatment it takes between 4-6 weeks for the area to heal and the true colour to show. 


How long does PMU last?

Every person heals differently, but it can last 12 months to 3 years before you may need a refresh. The treatment will last longer the more you look after the area, avoiding the sun, harsh products, general health and well-being.  

How long does the procedure and appointment take?

A consultation will last 30 minutes, and treatments will take 2-3 hours. A top up appointment will take around 1 hour. If you have a consultation and then decide to book your treatment, a £50 deposit will be taken and put towards the cost of your treatment.  

Will it hurt?

Everyone reacts differently, but a numbing agent is used for each treatment area to reduce the pain, the pain level is minimal. It depends upon your sensitivity, but it can be pain free in some cases. 

What should I do before the appointment?

The below is recommended to ensure you achieve the best results from your treatment and to help with the healing process.

It is recommended that you avoid caffeine, alcohol and anti-inflammatory medicine, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol on the day before and of your treatment. Avoid using alpha hydroxy acids 4 weeks before and after your treatment, if you are having a brow treatment please don't tint, wax or thread your brows within the two weeks leading up to your appointment. Please make sure you aren't wearing any fake tan or tinted moisturiser when you attend the consultation or appointment as it is best to see your natural skin colour. You should avoid having botox or fillers at least four weeks before your appointment. 

What shall I do after the treatment?

Avoid getting the treatment area wet for 2 weeks after your treatment. Keep the area clean and don't apply makeup close to the area for the first few days. Avoid swimming, sauna's, jacuzzi's, hydroxy acids, and look after your general well being. Avoid sun exposure to the area, (for as long as possible, to avoid fading) don’t exercise for 48 hours after you’re appointment

These are all recommendations to ensure you achieve the maximum results from your treatment and to help with the healing process

Once you have had your initial treatment it takes between 4-6 weeks for the area to heal. 

Do I need to have a consultation before I can book an appointment?
It is a good way to discuss your expectations before the day of your appointment but this can also be included when during your appointment/treatment day. If you decide to book, a £50 deposit will be taken and put towards the cost of your treatment. 

Can you correct someone else’s work or work on old PMU?
In some cases it will be possible to work over old permanent makeup, in other cases we may need to undertake a couple of sessions of saline removal before your treatment to lighten the area. If you have old permanent makeup please book a consultation before you book for treatment. 

I have a skin condition; can I still have a treatment?
There are some skin conditions that are unsuitable for treatment, but many that can be worked on as long as the area is healed at the time of your appointment. It is best to get in touch with specific questions and we can discuss in more detail.


I have an allergy, what products do you use?
All products used are as allergen friendly as possible. You will also be required to conduct a sensitivity test before your treatment for pigment and numbing agent. If there is a specific allergy you are concerned about please get in touch and I can try to accommodate your needs.

Can I give blood once I have had micro-pigmentation?
You are required to wait 4 months after your treatment to give blood again, and you should make them aware that you have had a micro-pigmentation procedure. 

Can I have the treatment if I am pregnant, or breastfeeding? 

No, it wont be possible until you have stopped breastfeeding. 

Please get in touch with all other queries. 

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