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Before booking your appointment please read the pre-treatment advice and medical contraindications 

If you have existing permanent makeup please send images to before booking

Treatments are available at Melior Huntingdon and Harley Street, London.

For treatments at Harmony Hair & Beauty in Milton, please get in touch directly to book your appointment at this location here.


Powder Brow _edited.jpg

Ombré and powder brows                                                   
From £285

Pigment is used to create an ombré effect across the brows, giving a darker look at the tail and fading as you move towards the front of the brow.


Powder brows uses even coverage of colour across the whole brow 

* Treatment time: Approx 2.5 hours 

Hairstrokes _edited.png

Hyper Realism Hairstrokes                                                 
From £285

Realistic, pixelated hairstrokes using a digital machine  

* Treatment time: Approx 2 hours 

Lips 4_edited.jpg

Lip blush   
From £325                                                                                


A permanent makeup technique that gives a subtle colour throughout the lip to create definition and a beautiful shape 

* Treatment time: Approx 3 hours 

lash liner_edited_edited.png

Eyeliner lash enhancement   
From £225                                             


Pigment is embedded along the top and bottom lash line to give the look of makeup and create definition in the eyes 

* Treatment time: Approx 2 hours 

Shaded Eyeliner_edited_edited.jpg

Shaded eyeliner       
From £250                                        


Pigment is embedded along the top lash line, with a subtle or dramatic flick, with shading added to create a smoky eyeliner effect

* Treatment time: Approx 2.5 hours 

removal logo_edited.jpg

Saline tattoo lightening                                            
£75 per session

The saline solution is a high salt based, fruit seed extract product that can lighten a tattoo or permanent makeup procedure to the point it is no longer visible. The solution works to draw the ink or pigment to the surface of the skin and disperse in this area.


Multiple sessions may be required


Consultations must be booked in advance

* Treatment time: Approx 30-60 minutes for treatment depending on tattoo size

Brows After 4.jpg

12 - 18 month brow colour boost 
Existing clients
From £175                                          


Colour boost your brow enhancement 

* Treatment time: Approx 2- hours 

C lips 4_edited_edited.jpg

12-24 month lip colour boost 
Existing clients   
From £200                                                                                


If your lips are ready for a re-fresh please book your colour boost 

* Treatment time: Approx 3 hours 

room _edited.jpg

Free Consultation

Discuss the treatment in person before you book and ask your questions at a free consultation


Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers available for an amount of your choice. Purchase here 

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